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Dr Robert Buist

Dr Robert Buist

Wheyless Formulator


Dr Robert Buist

Robert Buist, affectionately known as Dr Bob, is well-known in Australia from over 30 years of clinical practice, consulting, lecturing, writing, publishing and media presentations. 

Studies in Medicinal Chemistry at Sydney’s Macquarie University led to a 2 year stint as a postdoctoral research fellow at New York Health Department.  This provided an ideal background for entry into the developing field of Complementary Medicine and a role as one of Australia’s top nutrition supplement formulators. Wheyless is his premium weight-management formulation.

Dr Buist is emphatic that addressing the cause of a health problem is more important than just blocking signs and symptoms. He says,

“Coming from a drug research background where single agents controlled cell behaviour, I rapidly saw the need for more natural  approaches where multiple agents found in whole foods, plant extracts and nutritional concentrates gave better and more fundamental healing results than just controlling symptoms. I have been pursuing this approach ever since.”


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