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A Day on Wheyless - keeping it simple!

Are you still on track or have your New Year good intentions gone out the window? Regardless, we’re here to help!

  • If you have fallen off the wagon, getting back on is as simple as … having a shake!
  • If you haven’t found the energy to start, getting started is as simple as …. having a shake!
  • Staying on track is as simple as … you guessed it… having a shake!
  • When it’s all just too hard to think about … keep ... having a shake!!!

Here's a simple breakdown of a day on Wheyless to help remove the hurdle for you: 

Breakfast - have a shake!


Mix/blend your chosen Wheyless flavour through 200mls of milk of your choice.  Enjoy as is or add:

- Ice: to make it cold, thick, icy and this is also a way of getting water in.

- Fruit (fresh or frozen):  to add fibre, extra nutrients, variety of flavour, texture.

- Yoghurt (natural, Greek or coconut).  For extra creaminess. You can freeze yoghurt in ice cubes and blend through if you love a thick shake.

- Nuts, seeds: to add texture, fibre, good fats, varied protein sources

- Psyllium husks or oats for additional fibre.

Fill up a water bottle and sip throughout the day!


Mid morning - 

You can enjoy coffee, tea, herbal tea while on Wheyless. Just remember that if you add sugar or your herbal/iced tea contains sugar, it does count and will slow your progress.  Don’t feel guilty or make a hurdle for yourself about it, just consider reducing your intake or substituting it for a natural sweetener.  NB:  Artificial sweeteners are not your friend!

You may not be hungry at this time and if you’re not, you don’t have to eat for the sake of it. If you are hungry though, choose snacks like:

- Savoury: veggie sticks with hummus, nuts, seeds, boiled eggs, small tin of tuna.

- Sweet: fruit (love those summer fruits: cherries, nectarines, peaches, kiwi fruit - yum!).

TIP:  Bob’s top tip snack for the sweet tooth is 1 apple plus 8 almonds. They work together to combat hunger and sweet cravings!

If you just have to have something sweet with a coffee or tea, you can enjoy a bar of Wheyless Dark Choc with Probiotics (10 billion CFU per serve plus 25% RDI Vitamin D) - and not feel guilty or check out our recipes for snack balls, muffins, frozen yoghurt here


Lunchhave a shake!

Make it up as for breakfast OR: 

- Have it alongside a salad - as basic or fancy as you like! (you can simply throw together a large handful of mixed salad leaves, a small handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped capsicum, cucumber and 1/4 avocado OR:

- Have a larger meal or salad (by adding in some protein or choose a recipe from our website) and have your second shake later in the day.


Afternoon -

You don’t have to eat if you’re not hungry but if this is the time of day that you tend to want to snack more, you can - Have a Shake!  It's OK to have your second shake now - An Iced Coffee smoothie can really hit the spot on a hot afternoon! OR consider the snacks listed at morning tea time above.

Keep sipping your water throughout the afternoon.

Dinner -


Enjoy a meal with your family (check out our dinner recipes here)

OR, For those who don’t want a full meal in the evening - Have a Shake!  You can have your second shake now and it can be a great option for hot summer nights!


A few extra points:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine - if you would like to include this in your program, you can take 2 capsules first thing in the morning or with your shake, and 2 capsules in the evening.  If you are exercising or wanting to exercise, taking the capsules half an hour before exercise is a good time to take them.
  • Exercise - There are so many benefits of exercising including increased muscle tone and definition, weight loss, increased energy and improved mood, better cardiovascular fitness as well as disease prevention and remember: any exercise is better than no exercise. So, if you can add exercise into your day you are bound to feel the benefits but if you aren’t able to exercise right now or it makes you feel overwhelmed to add it into your day, just focus initially on getting a handle on your food intake and the will to move more will come.  You’ll find great tips on exercising here:
  • Water - I know that you know how important it is to drink plenty of water but I also know it can be tough!  Adding ice to shakes, sipping water throughout the day rather than trying to glug down a full glass in one hit and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are all great ways to increase your fluid intake.


I hope this helps to simplify a day on Wheyless.  Another great reference is the downloable Wheyless ebook which you can find here!

Kerryn Hoffman

Wheyless Team