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Getting Over Your Weight-Loss Hurdles

They say life is a journey. But sometimes you may find a few hurdles along the way. Your particular hurdles are unique to you and your situation. Here are six tips to help you get over the hurdles in your way.

1. Be your inspiration

No one can start your journey but you. So, decide whether you are really committed and the time is right for you. Studies show that you're much more likely to begin a lifestyle change if the change was initiated by you - and not forced on you. When you're ready, set a date and stick with it. 

2. Look at it this way

Big goals can feel like a mountain that's too high to climb. So, break them up into smaller, easier to attain goals. For example, if you eventually want to lose 20kg, break up your goal into 10 x 2kg segments, perhaps over a fortnight. Each time you reach a goal, celebrate! A relaxing massage, a facial, a beach swim, a new haircut - there are so many ways to treat yourself without sabotaging your goals.

3. Watch the BLTs

Hate wasting food? Love tasting as you're cooking? All those bites, licks and tastes (BLTs) add up. So, if you polish up half of your kids' spaghetti bolognese or quarter of a cheese sandwich you're adding an extra small meal - or a few regular ones - to your calorie count.

4. Don't cave to cravings

Following the Wheyless program means you may have fewer issues with cravings because the formula is designed to be satisfying. Cravings can result from habit and routine or an emotional connection with your favourite foods. Sometimes, it can be a sign that your body needs something. So, for example, if you crave hot chips, you may need to top up your salts like magnesium. If you fancy something sweet, try some naturally sweet seasonal fruits. Our Protein Balls and Dark Chocolate with Probiotics are good to have on hand to satisfy the sweet urge without tripping yourself up.

5. Is it hunger? Or could it be thirst?

The Wheyless program is designed to be filling so you may find you're not as hungry as you have been on other programs. Plus, you may be mistaking hunger for thirst. Sip water throughout the day to stay well hydrated. Still hungry? Nibble on some veggie strips with tomato salsa or humus, veggie-based soup or salad with just a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

6. Sleep well

The link between sleep and weight gain is well known. Lack of sleep triggers the body's production of ghrelin which triggers hunger and less of the hormone leptin is produced. Leptin plays a role in helping you feel satisfied so you know when to stop eating.

Researchers at Columbia University have found that people who sleep less that seven hours per night are heavier, gain more weight over time, and have a harder time losing weight. If you've tried everything including: a regular sleep routine; a warm bath and low lighting in the lead up to bed time; blue light blockers, talk to your GP and get the sleep you need for body and mind health.


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