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Getting into the right "headspace" to start

We all know that it’s much easier to lose weight when you’re motivated and in the right “headspace” to change your habits but getting that motivation to start with can be the hardest part.


We all (well, most of us anyway) wish that there was some kind of magic pill we could take to have the excess weight fall off us so that our most perfect selves could emerge but unfortunately that’s not the case and even if it were, there’s usually more than just our weight that’s holding us back from really enjoying our everyday lives.  


This may sound simplistic but how many hours have you spent thinking about when you’ll be ready to start?  Are any of these you:


  • I’m really busy this week and just can’t think about it.  I’ll have time, next week;
  • I’m too tired at the moment, it’s just not the right time;
  • I’d love to lose weight before we go away but I’ve just got too much to organise and can’t think  about another thing;
  • I’m going to check out the gym and I’ll go on a diet then;
  • My friend said she’d do it with me but we haven’t had a chance to decide what we’ll do.

… or is there something else you’ve been waiting for before you get started?


With Wheyless, the key is just to start - just have a shake.  You don’t need to clear your calendar, clean out your pantry or buy new gym gear - just have a shake. You may not notice the difference at first, you may not even love it at the beginning (although I reckon you will) but just keep having a shake a day - or two is better - in place of a meal/meals and see how you feel after a week or two.  The energy will come, the clarity of thought will come, you may start sleeping better, you may not want any of the foods you usually crave, you'll be wanting to get out more and at some point soon you’ll be ready to think about better food choices and exercise but, by then, guess what … you will have started, you’ll already be on your way…


Kerryn Hoffman

Wheyless Team