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Lose weight in time for Christmas? Yes, you can!

If you’re like me, you can’t believe it’s almost the end of November – time seems to be passing by faster than ever! You may be feeling like there’s no point starting any kind of healthy eating plan, let alone a weight-loss program at this time of year. Are you thinking ‘why bother, I’ll just start in the New Year?’ But, it’s not too late because you could potentially lose 4-8 kg before Christmas!  Imagine how amazing it would feel to turn up to the family Christmas get together in an outfit you feel gorgeous in.  Or, visualise heading to the beach in January looking and feeling better than you have in a long time, instead of kicking yourself for not starting on Wheyless months before.  

When you think about it, the next few weeks will be busy so wouldn’t it actually make your life easier to have some of your meals taken care of with Wheyless? Take a look at a range of meal plans up on the blog with recipes for your other meals, that all the household will love: ( There's no need to double up and cook separate meals for yourself.

... what about these stumbling blocks?


You may be doing more walking, anyway – even if it’s just around the shopping centre.

Days are longer now so take advantage of it and duck out for a quick walk around the neighbourhood with the kids or the dog after dinner. Or, put your sneakers/gym gear in the car and squeeze in a trip to the gym or a walk before you get home so you don’t have to go back to get changed.

If you’re planning to catch up with family and friends, gatherings don’t always have to involve sitting around a table with endless eating – plan to meet up for an activity instead:

  • Wander around Christmas markets together
  • Meet up in a park that has some nice walks nearby
  • Go for a cycle ride
  • Hire a kayak
  • Have a bonding session at an adventure park, climb some trees and try flying foxes or treetop adventures.

Your family and friends may well appreciate leaving a catch-up feeling revitalised by some fresh air, exercise and nourishing food instead of staggering away, stuffed to the gills with their belts loosened and in need of a nap!

Eating Well

Here are six ways you can eat smarter this summer season:

1. Be in the moment

Yes, this time of year usually means an abundance of great food and plenty of alcohol – but do you really need to have ALL of it?

We’re certainly not the fun police at Wheyless – we love a bit of fun. But just ask yourself whether you are really being mindful about what you put into your mouth. Is it really worth having? Or are you eating and drinking without thinking?

If your auntie makes the best pavlova or tiramisu in the world, have some. But select a smaller serve than you usually might and see how you feel. 


2. Be prepared

Temptation is all around to try to always have a shake before you head out. This will take the edge off your appetite so you can be more selective about what you choose – and how much of it, too!


3. Take something fresh and healthy

It can be an adjustment but why not take something fresh and healthy along to bring-a-plate get-togethers? Try a new and healthier version of your favourite recipe and you may even end up with a new family favourite.


4. Watch your tipples

Alcohol can damage your best-made plans because it is loaded with calories your body finds it difficult to detect (it expects zero calorie water). And, it can weaken your willpower where snacks are concerned.

Even though alcohol abounds around this time, think about alternating alcohol with water. Your head and your waistline will thank you for it. Try mineral or soda water with a wedge of lime in a fancy glass so you still feel like you’re having a special drink or consider topping up a glass of wine or champagne with sparkling water to reduce your overall alcohol intake.


5. Weigh up and weigh less

So, the trick to surviving a successful silly season is about being a little more aware and slightly more selective about eating and drinking – don’t do it because it’s habit. Weigh up whether having whatever it is at that moment is really better than how good you’re going to feel when the number on the scales drops or the tape measurement reduces, your clothes feel looser and everything jiggles a little less!


6. Two a day and you’re on your way

Give it a go – grab some Wheyless and enjoy a shake with some fruit for breakfast, and another shake with a salad for lunch. Try one of our recipes for dinner (or swap the order of these around to suit you). Keep some fibre bars, protein balls and/or probiotic chocolate on hand so you’re prepared for those moments when only something sweet or chewy will do and get cracking on shedding kilos now – the healthier you will thank you later!





Kerryn Hoffman

Wheyless Team