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Meet Kira!

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new Wheyless Presenter!  Kira Sutherland will be on-air from November and we wanted to introduce her to you so you can get to know her a bit before she appears on our shows.

Kira is an experienced naturopath and sports nutritionist with more than 20 years of experience in clinical practice and lecturing.  Previously the Department Head of Nutritional Medicine at one of Australia’s leading Naturopathic Colleges, Kira is currently completing her Masters degree in Sports Nutrition. Passionate about working with athletes of all levels, Kira has a special interest in nutrition for endurance sports (she competes in ironman triathlons). Kira also consults with private clients as well as writing and speaking around the world on all things complementary medicine and sports related plus she runs an online education platform mentoring other practitioners in holistic sports nutrition.


Q & A with Kira:

Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up? 

I am a born-and-raised Californian - San Francisco to be exact. I first came to Australia as an exchange student when I was 15 and I fell in love with Sydney! I just kept coming back until, eventually, I emigrated here at the age of 23. 


Do you have a favourite childhood memory/tradition? 

My favourite family memory is making gingerbread houses from scratch at Christmas time. I would invite three friends over to my house every year and my friends, my sister and I would spend all afternoon decorating our houses. Looking back, it wasn't so much about how beautiful we could make our houses, the real focus was how many lollies we could fit onto the roof without it caving in! Funny to think back to that time because later, I went on to study and become a nutritionist. Back in the day, though, the best part was that the house smelt of gingerbread for about a week - that smell is still one of my favourites! 


What’s the best thing about now living in Australia?

Wow - there are so many answers to that! I love the environment, the beaches, the snowy mountains etc. There is no place in the world that looks or feels quite like Australia. I also love the optimism and positive working ethic so many people have, I find it very inspiring. 


What’s your favourite way to relax, unwind?

Great question! To unwind, I go for a run. I think that the ability to shut my brain off for an hour or so and just move my body enormously uplifts my attitude. As for relaxing, I am a big bookworm, so climbing into a deep, relaxing bubble bath with a great book and some mineral water will fix almost anything in my life! 


Where is your dream holiday destination?

The snow ... I absolutely love skiing and hiking in the mountains, I am also one of those rare people who loves cold weather. 


What’s your go-to comfort food/easy dinner option?

My go-to comfort food? Let’s see … I would have to say medjool dates and dark chocolate. People who know me might laugh and add a good cup of coffee. As for easy dinner options, I am well-known for my super salads, so salad plus lamb chops (because they’re so quick to cook and yummy!) is my go-to meal My daughters’ answer would be macaroni and cheese. LOL! 


Can you tell us about any pets you have?

As a family, we travel a lot so we only have one pet. She is a gorgeous Burmese cat named Sugar. At the age of six, my daughter decided she needed more sugar in her life and the name stuck. It's a bit odd for a nutritionist yelling out the front door for her when I need her to come inside, but its a good laugh all the same. 


What’s your favourite way to enjoy Wheyless shakes?  

Most often, I use Wheyless in my morning smoothie, especially if I am short on time and running to get my daughter ready for school and out the door etc. I make a large smoothie with the Wheyless French Vanilla as the base flavour. At the moment, the family is loving fresh mangoes and strawberries which I add along with ice cubes and coconut water. 


When do you fit them into your day? 

If there is any leftover smoothie, we turn it into popsicles for an after-dinner treat. We have these great silicone popsicle moulds and since I often make enough smoothie for maybe four or five people and we are only a family of three, we often enjoy these as an evening treat. 


Have you and your family been enjoying any other products from the Wheyless range? 

We are working our way through the probiotic chocolate which is really yummy and have this as an after dinner treat, too. It feels great to have chocolate that I know is also great for my digestive health. The protein balls have all disappeared really quickly, too, so I can only assume that my daughter and husband are enjoying them when I am not home


Kira will debut on a Wheyless show on TVSN on Wednesday 8th October at 5.30pm with Peter Mason. 


Kira Sutherland BHSc Grad Dip (Sports Nut, IOC), Adv Dip Nat, Adv Dip Nut, Adv Dip Herbal Med. MATMS




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