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Warning: Fructose is converted to fat in the body

For the past two years I have been warning people about the potentially harmful effects of fructose and sugars containing fructose. Remember that common table sugar, called sucrose, contains 50% fructose and is every bit as bad as fructose. High fructose corn syrup now floods the US market and is also similar in composition to sucrose. Watch out for this one as well.

Several hundred years ago, each person used to consume about 1.8kg of sugar per year.


We now consume closer to 68kg of sugar per person per year and the effects are quite debilitating.  There is ample evidence that excessive fructose consumption plays a major role in the development of obesity, gout, heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and kidney stone formation.


Be sure to read the ingredient labels on all packets of processed foods. The low fat foods are often the highest in fructose. Also watch out for Thai restaurants and eating houses which produce meals containing hidden sugar. Overweight children ingesting fructose in drinks and processed foods have been shown to have abnormal blood fat levels. This abnormality is directly related to the ingestion of fructose as a sweetener.

Starch does not do this because starch, while still a carbohydrate, is a polymer of glucose. Glucose is the sugar found in blood and the body can use this more quickly and efficiently. Refined starch however is not a good choice because it is devoid of its original fibre which feeds the friendly microorganisms in our gut.

Many weight loss meal replacement powders contain fructose as the sweetener. This is a strange choice of sweetener seeing it greatly contributes towards obesity and the bad type of cholesterol which increases the risk of heart disease and hardened arteries. For this reason Whey Less contains xylitol as a sweetener.

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