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A Week on Wheyless

You may know, from watching our Wheyless shows on TVSN, that following the Wheyless program is really as simple as having one or two Wheyless shakes a day but how can you fit in some of the other products in the range and what does a week on the Wheyless program really look like?

There are a load of recipes on the website and as the Wheyless program is extremely flexible, there’s no hard and fast rule for how you can get the absolute best results yourself but here are a couple of the meal plans from the recent Wheyless 6-Week Challenge so you can see for yourself how you can fit shakes, recipes from the website as well as other Wheyless products into your week.

You can feel free to let us do all your planning for you and follow these exactly or swap things around to suit you and your family situation.

Week 1 Meal Plan


Week 4 Meal Planner


Let us know which of the recipes become part of your household's favourite "go to" meals. 


Kerryn Hoffman

Wheyless Team