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Weekly Meal Planner and Four Day Menu

Whether you’re just starting out on Whey Less or it’s been a part of your everyday life for years, there are times when you just might need or want some ideas and/or inspiration for what to eat each day.  I’ve made up a 4 day menu for you as a starting guide and have attached a downloadable Weekly Meal Planner which you can use to plan your own weekly menu.

You know those “Celebrity Menus” when they ask a gorgeous, skinny, celebrity what they eat each day and you read it, hopeful that if you just ate what they did, your body would morph into theirs (well not really, but you know what I mean) ……. then…… you see what they eat and it’s all miso soup and poached salmon with kale and quinoa or meals which sound like they’ve been prepared by a personal chef, so ….you sigh ….. and ….. have a melted cheese sandwich and spoonful of peanut butter instead! 

I really didn’t want this menu to make you feel like that - there’s still salmon, because it’s really good for you, but the recipes are really easy and enjoyable and set you up with some good habits.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have something other than the usual meals that many of us end up preparing each week because they’re familiar and we know they get eaten.  If you’re cooking for a family, they may enjoy the change as well.

wheyless menu for 4 days

Download Menus for 4 Days

A few notes about this meal planner:

  • Snacks are optional and the after dinner snacks are only for when you’re desperate and contemplating a “servo-run”!  If you’re really not hungry, there’s no need to force yourself to eat something but it’s worth keeping a few of these snack options in the fridge and pantry so that you are prepared if/when the munchies hit. If you find that you are hungriest at night, snacking on the right foods earlier in the day may help to prevent that. 
  • If you do feel hungry in between meals, it is always worth having a glass of water and waiting ten minutes to be sure (I know - “Yes, Mum”) and if, like me, you realise that some of your snacking is out of habit or procrastination rather than because you are actually hungry, then becoming aware of this and working on breaking that habit will help you to keep your weight off, long term and let’s face it, once we’ve gone to the effort of losing weight once, none of us want to have to turn around and do it again when our bad habits trip us up once more.  
  • Drink water!!  It’s not scheduled into the menu but to get the best results on Whey Less, it’s really important to squeeze at least 2 litres of water into your day, every day.  To kick off your day, a glass of water (ideally warm) with the juice of half a lemon in it has loads of health benefits.  You can count the water in soup and tea as part of your daily 2 litres.

weekly meal planner

Here's a Weekly Meal Planner that you can use to help you plan for the week ahead and hopefully save yourself some time and agony at the supermarket and dinnertime!

I really hope you find the menu and the planner helpful and as always, we’d love to hear your feedback and are really happy to answer any questions you have.

Kerryn Hoffman

Wheyless Team