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Weigh Less and Win the Travel Lottery!

We all know that having an event planned like a wedding or holiday can be the perfect motivation to help get you started on a health kick or weight-loss journey. Just dreaming about white sandy beaches, with an endless horizon and vibrant sunsets dipping behind the wave of the ocean can be enough to inspire you to reach for your Wheyless shake and sneakers. 

But as though that wasn’t enough, this month, we are teaming up with Flight Centre to answer your ultimate summer body and travel goals. With every Wheyless purchase (that meets a minimum spend on $149 AUD) you go in the draw to win a Flight Centre Gift Card to the value of $3000 AUD. So, if you were waiting for a sign, it’s here. It’s time to get started! 

And, alongside all the delicious shakes and snacks we have available to support your weight-loss goals (and giving you plenty of opportunity to win) we also have some helpful tips on how to use planning your next vacation to boost your weight-loss goals. 

How a holiday helps with weight-loss

  • Think about how much weight would you like to lose before you go on holidays – set yourself a goal (a realistic one) and start working towards it. Having a specific goal in mind will help you find it easier to avoid temptation and overcome the usual hurdles to weight-loss.
  • Have an idea of where you would like to go if you win? Keep looking at pictures of the beaches, forests and beautiful landscapes that help you relax and inspire you to keep going!
  • Picture this! – Look at your wardrobe and think about what you would pack. Have you got clothes you’d love to fit into to take with you on holidays? Imagine yourself fitting into that outfit every time you’re tempted to give up. Functional imagery training (FIT) can help you lose five times more weight by simply picturing you as your ultimate self.
  • Don’t stop there – now is the time to take care of your skin and hair. A trip to the hairdresser or beautician might help get you in travel mode and inspire you to look and feel your best. Feeling good while you lose weight can help support a positive weight-loss journey as you get to enjoy the process as well as the results.

Plus there are bonus prizes to be won

And if you have a little voice in your head saying “Oh, I never win anything – it won’t be me” – don’t listen to it! If you’re in it, you could win it! Plus, there’s also 10 prizes of $100 TVSN vouchers and 10 Wheyless product packs up for grabs – all designed to give you a fantastic New Year’s boost so there are lots of opportunities to win, and regardless, if you get stuck into Wheyless now, by January you could have lost 5-10kg, have more energy, feel better and will feel like a winner anyway!

Whatever you get up to these coming holidays, remember to take your Wheyless with you!  Sachets are perfect for travel and the protein balls and fibre bars are perfect snacks to have on hand.

So, this November, you’ve really got nothing to lose when you order your Wheyless! Are you ready to lose weight, feel great, go in the draw, embrace summer and get a headstart on your New Year’s resolutions? 




Kerryn Hoffman

Wheyless Team