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Whey Protein And Dietary Fibre

People often ask me why Whey Less contains whey protein and not some of the newer types of protein powders such as pea, hemp, rice or soy. The main reason is that whey protein increases fat loss and spares lean muscle. This is because of the high proportion of branched chain amino acids that are found in the whey protein such as leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Leucine in particular is the key to maintaining muscle mass. This amino acid controls the manufacture of new muscle.  By preserving our muscles and being able to manufacture more if necessary, we can burn more fat. This is because healthy efficient muscles have a plentiful supply of those little fat burning furnaces called mitochondria. When these furnaces are fired up and there are plenty of carnitine molecules available to carry excess body fat into these biological energy generators, we lose weight, gain energy and our entire body biochemistry starts to correct itself, assuming we do NOT overeat.

Blood sugar starts to normalise as insulin becomes more efficient. Many of the inflammatory molecules associated with the fat tissue start to drop. Hormones that continually make us hungry (eg ghrelin) are pulled into line and those that make us happy to stop eating (eg leptin) start to normalise. This means that our strong cravings for food, constant fatigue, lack of will power and general feelings of debilitation and despair start to improve.

I should also point out that the present world movement towards high protein diets should be accompanied by a plentiful supply of vegetables and low GI fruits. These supply important phytonutrients and especially fibre which feeds the healthy bugs in our gut. We carry a couple of kilos of bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract and the fibre in our diet ensures that we have healthy bugs which keep the lower bowel acidic. This helps protect us from a leaky bowel, the uptake of inflammatory substances derived from pathogenic bacteria and protects us against major inflammatory bowel disorders.


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