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Why am I getting weaker as I get older?

One of the questions that I am constantly asked is “how come my muscles seem to be disappearing and I am getting weaker as I get older?”  This is not just your metabolism slowing down. This is a fairly common condition called sarcopenia where muscles turn to fat. This also tends to predispose people to falls and fractures.

The first signs may appear around 40 but the condition accelerates after the age of 75. As muscle activity is decreased with age we also tend to lose calcium from our bones as the mechanical stress and tension on the bones declines. This was well exemplified in astronauts who initially loss copious amounts of calcium in their bones under conditions of weightlessness. It is also seen in hospitalized patients who are bed-ridden and unable walk for extended periods of time.

One of the major dietary factors in Sarcopenia is an inadequate protein intake. This is why we should always be mindful of our daily intake of protein as we age. Go for easily digested eggs, fish or soft cheeses. Without adequate dietary protein (and thus the component amino acids, especially branched chain amino acids like leucine, isoleucine and valine), we find it difficult to manufacture new muscle proteins.

One of the highest sources of branched chain amino acids is whey protein. Many people are taking Whey Less not only to help remove extra fat from their bodies but also to help prevent this age-related muscle decline and of course the extra calcium and magnesium helps prevent the age-related decline in bone loss.

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