Whey Less™ is a quality nutritious protein shake that may be used to replace one or two meals daily. With a nutritional profile that helps to satisfy hunger between meals, Whey Less™ can lead to a sustainable weight loss of up to 1-2 kilos per week when used in conjunction with an appropriate calorie-controlled diet and exercise. 

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Whey Less™ on TVSN

Watch as Whey less™ success stories discuss their experiences using Whey Less™ on TVSN. 

Whey Less™ Show Schedule


Friday 4/04/2014 4:30pm EDST: 
Whey Less™ 4PK + Bonus (Dr Bob Buist)

Saturday 5/04/2014 11:30am EDST: 
Whey Less™ 4PK + Bonus (Amie)

Monday 7/04/2014 1.30pm EST: 
Whey Less™ 4PK + Bonus (Kerryn)

Thursday 17/04/2014 12:30pm EST: 
Whey Less™ 4PK Deal (Dr Bob Buist)

Sunday 20/04/2014 4:30pm EST: 
Whey Less™ 4PK Deal

Tuesday 22/04/2014 2:30pm EST: 
Whey Less™ 4PK Deal (Amie)